Saturday, May 13, 2006


Anyone familiar with the situation in Las Vegas knows that Lance Malone is the fall guy for all the real powerbrokers. And that's why we've left him for late in our expose, because he is too easy a target, after all, what idiot allows themselves to get wiretapped. How did this no-talent end up being an earth shaker without help from the annointed? Well, he couldn't. An interesting example is his job with a Las Vegas Convention Authority contractor.

Las Vegas Review Journal, Thursday, June 24,1999

Countycommissioner's new job raises some ethical eyebrows

LanceMalone's new part-time job as an account executive for one of thelargest convention services firms in Las Vegas is raising new ethicalquestions for the Clark County commissioner who spent the past yearbeset by them.

Malone, aLas Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority board member, insistedthere is no conflict of interest for him taking the post with TheFreeman Companies because the authority board doesn't vote oncontracts with convention groups or their services firms.

He alsosaid his role as county commissioner is irrelevant because Freemandoesn't come before the commission, but competitors wonder if resortswill recommend Freeman's services over theirs because of Malone'sconnection.

"I didmy homework in making sure there were no conflicts or any perceivedconflict," said Malone, who was found in violation of ethicslaws in 1998 for voting to grant airport concessions to familyfriends. "Freeman did not come through the Board of CountyCommissioners or the LVCVA board for anything. If they did, I wouldabstain."

VisitorsAuthority Director Manny Cortez confirmed this, noting that groupswishing to use the Las Vegas Convention Center deal solely withVisitors Authority staff and must pay a nonnegotiable rate of 20cents per square foot. Once groups are booked, they must strike theirown deals with their services company, Cortez said.

Of course, what thereader needs to know is that Manny Cortez is a close friend of KentOram, and that Billy Vassiliadis has the LVCVA monopoly advertisingaccount since 1982. In fact, surprise surprise, R&R Advertising was recently given a monopoly contract on advertising for the LVCA. In other words, Lance Malone found just the right sweetspot to get not only a board position on the LVCVA, but also a jobwith a convention related business, all on the merits of him being anexceptionally bright ex-police officer. Obviously, without powerful enablers, he would have gone nowhere.

MUSICAL CHAIR LAWYERS Now, it turns out that Lance Malone's lawyer is, Dominic Gentile, a good friend of Oscar Goodman. Dominic Gentile is also the lawyer for Jack Galardi, Michael Galardi's estranged son. But, Oscar Goodman had represented Jack Galardi way back in 1972 when he was arrested for stealing checks in San Francisco and trying to cash them in Vietnam. Small world.

Even better, who should be Dario Herrera's lawyers but the son of Oscar Goodman (Eric Goodman), and the son of Jay Brown, (David Brown). Remember, Jay Brown owns land in partnership with Harry Reid. Jay Brown was also Oscar Goodman's partner way back in the racketeering days when Harry Reid sat as head of the gaming commission. Las Vegas Sun, September 19, 2003 Columnist Jon Ralston: G-Sting probe to turn corner

The issue of Brown the Elder being enmeshed here, too, is fascinating. Jay Brown has been a consummate behind-the-scenes player for many years. He is close to Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., and many other politicians, including several local government officials. He also has become a major campaign contributor to local campaigns. Herrera also has done work for Brown since he left the commission. It is no coincidence that the sons of Goodman and Brown are Herrera's attorneys. But are the sons or the fathers giving the loudest counsel? I wonder.