Saturday, May 13, 2006


Back in 1979, Jay Brown was a council to the Tropicana, then under investigation for skimming to the Civella crime family in Kansas City. Brown also acted as lawyer to Lefty Rosenthal, with his then partner Oscar Goodman (about the time someone tried to kill Lefty with a car bomb). The Tropicana was under investigation by the Gaming Control Board run by Harry Reid in 1979, but strangely enough Brown became a close friend of Harry Reid and Rory Reid. Go figure.

. Later, Brown became a lobbiest for Galardi. Sometime employer of Dario Herrera. Land partner with Harry Reid. Former law partner of Oscar Goodman. Co-owner with Goodman of property. Father of David Brown, who with Eric Goodman (son of Oscar Goodman) were the first lawyers for Dario Herrera. Co-partner with Rory Reid in an Indian gaming venture. Lawyer to Jim Rhodes.

When you add this all up, what you get is a connection between Senator Harry Reid, through Jay Brown/Jim Rhodes/Dario Herrera/Michael Galardi/Oscar Goodman and mass corruption.