Monday, May 08, 2006


We are asked to believe that the entire atmosphere of corruption was designed by Mike Galardi, despite the fact his interests were confined to strip club ordinances.

We are asked to believe that Kent Oram, the epitome of the brilliant political stategist, had no clue that Kenny, MacDonald, Malone, and James were taking money from Michael Galardi and/or Jim Rhodes and/or Triple Five. And (implied by George Knapp), that Oram told at least Kenny not to take money from, Galardi. At the same time we are to believe Knapp didn't tip off Oram to the coming sting, which obviously leaked to Knapp through his FBI connections.

We are to believe Oram is guiltless, though he either knew about the bribery and told no one (a crime), or he ratted out his clients to the FBI to save his hide (not a crime but certainly the end of his political career).

We are to believe Harry Reid is uninvolved in all this, even though his buddy Jay Brown was a lawyer for Mike Galardi, Reid owns land with Jay Brown, Dario Herrera worked for Jay Brown, Harry moved his son Rory into Herrera's seat, developer Rhodes is developing near Searchlight where Harry has been buying up desert land, while Rhodes has been represented by Brown and James.