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Of course,everyone knows Oscar Goodman was the mobs lawyer before he achievedhis current laundered position as mayor of Las Vegas. Since theearly 80's, Goodman's clients included Meyer Lansky; Nick Scarfo;Natale Richichi; Charles Panarella; Philip Leonetti; Jamiel Chagra;Frank Rosenthal; Allen Glick; "Tough Tony" Spilotro, withwhom he developed a special friendship; and the Civella crime family:brothers Nick and Carl "Cork"; Carl's son, Anthony "TonyRipe"; and Carl "Tuffy" DeLuna.

Apparently LasVegas has forgotten the addage, when you sleep with dogs, you wake upwith fleas. We've already shown Goodman had his fingers in theArizona Charlies/Capitol Queen fiasco and bribery which lead to thedownfall of Missouri Senate Speaker Bob Griffin, but has Oscar beeninvolved in other bribery schemes?

Inan article from Rick Pornello's August2002

Senator Robert Torricelli And The Mafia

According to aNewark Star-Ledger report, Senator Torricelli received a paper profitof $220,000 on an investment of only $5,000 in a 1998 initialinvestment in the Internet Telecommunications firm e.Volve TechnologyGroup. The value of this stock skyrocketed once the company wasacquired by eVentures Group, an Internet holding company. Among themain figures in eVentures Group were Kerry Rogers, who was convictedin 1985 for his participation in a $20 million bank fraud case in NewJersey, and Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman. Before being elected asMayor of Las Vegas, criminal lawyer Oscar Goodman served for over 30years as the "mouthpiece of the Mob," representing Mafiafigures including Tony "The Ant" Spilotro, Meyer Lansky,Frank "Lefty" Rosenthal, and Philadelphia Underboss PhilLeonetti. Goodman has flaunted his Mafia associations and portrayedhimself in the Mafia epic movie "CASINO."

ApparentlyGoodman wasn't above bribing a Senator, much less associating with aknown bank fraud huckster. Reading between the lines, one cansurmise that eVentures was really setting up money laundering out ofBelize and needed support from Torricelli in the Senate. Nevermindthe details, we have Goodman again associated with a bribery schemewith known felons (Rogers and Toricelli). From the Newark Star edgerwe learn:

Torricelliadmits he changed mind on stock pledge


Among the keyfigures at The eVentures Group include Kerry Rogers, an individual

convicted inNew Jeersey of bank fraud in 1985 and now a controversial figurepioneering Internet gambling that has drawn the attention ofprosecutors and Congress. Other investors include Karl Lovell, aformer Las Vegas city attorney once charged with securities lawviolations, and Oscar Goodman, the current mayor of Las Vegas

The rest of theabove article details Toricelli's many Mafia connections and thebribery it engendered. Especially relevant is how the mobbed up NewJersey waste disposal people were involved in a way similar to whathappened in Las Vegas with Republic Silver State disposal. It is afun exercise to go through the campaign records to see who was therecipient of Republic contributions, politicians like Goodman, Kenny,Herrera, James make especially interesting reading.

Given all the mafia connections and at least the Missouri and New Jersey implications of bribery, how in theworld did Goodman become mayor? He obviously needed help, the arena was crowded withcompetitive candidates Jay Bingham, former mayor Jan Jones, and others. WasGoodman's entry all a last minute fluke? Or Machiavellian insidedeal? You decide.

Wednesday,January 13, 1999
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COLUMN: Jon Ralston

Why does this sound familiar?

Binghamdecided to enter the race after encouragement from Guinnites, such asspinmeister Sig Rogich and the governor's southern campaigncoordinator, Terry Murphy. Veteran consultant Kent Oram, part of theGuinn machine, and Steve Wark, the governor's grass-roots maven, willbe there, too.
This is hardlycoincidental. Whether or not Jones has worn out her welcome after twoterms, the mayor's no-holds barred cannonades directed Guinn's waywere not forgotten by him or some of his friends. Said one developerfamiliar with the attitude of some of the Guinnites: "There arepeople who want to bury her, not just beat her."

Although Oram is involved, nothing appears sinister here. But please note, Oram's offices at 2290 S. Jones are in FalconPark, which just so happens IS the same building tenanted by FalconConstruction Services I, 2290 S Jones Blvd Bldg. Falcon Construction Services is part owned by Jay Bingham, who kept offices in the office park in the same building as Oram.

Bingham hadlocked up most of the top political consultants and grassrootssupport. A popular leader before his retirement from the commissionin '96, Bingham longed to get back into political life. A successfulland developer, he missed the excitement of politics and wanted toget back into the action.

He announced his candidacy even before Mayor Jones decided towithdraw, forcing her hand and eventually compelling her to make adecision to leave office or face another potentially tough campaign.Early polls showed Bingham with respectable name identification andhigh favorables. He ran a double-truck newspaper advertisement twoweeks before the close of filing announcing his candidacy withtestimonials from prominent Las Vegans.

Only three other candidates with any public recognition joinedBingham on the ballot: Councilman Arnie Adamsen, developer Mark Fineand Goodman. All were immediately considered underdogs. Fine andGoodman had nothing even resembling a campaign in place when theyfiled. Goodman had waited until the last day of filing before jumpingin.

Then, two days after candidate filing closed, Bingham dropped abombshell. With the race all but won before it even began, heannounced he was dropping out due to health reasons. An old heartproblem had recurred and his doctor had advised him that the stressof a campaign could prove fatal.

Amazingly,Oscar Goodman had filed for his candidacy only a day beforeregistration ended. Where have we seen these kinds of tacticsbefore? Oh, that's right, they are the same as with the amazingentry of Mark James into the Commissioner's race for District F notthree years later. Oram obviously tipped Goodman that his good buddyBingham was going to withdraw, the only question is whether Goodman'sentry was forced on Bingham because of the needs of Republic SilverState and the needs of Crazy Horse 2 zoning problems, or whether thiswas just the easy path. Nevertheless, there are so many intersectinglines here that one has to wonder.