Saturday, May 13, 2006


Anotherlong term source of political corruption in thevalley, which also amazingly ties in to the Gang of Four (Oram,Rogich, Vasillides, Goodman) is Republic Silver State Disposal. Inspection of the financial statements of candidates like Erin Kenny,Mark James and others shows Republic knew just where to put it'smoney to destroy competition and obtain monopoly status in the VegasValley.

Potentialconflicts of interest loom over Silver State contract extension votein July 09, 1999

RepublicSilver State Disposal Inc.'s negotiations with local governments tokeep exclusive possession of valley garbage services another 15 yearshas critics questioning the firm's relationship with electedofficials.

LasVegas City Council members will decide Monday whether to extendSilver State's contract -- an extension worth more than $1 billion --in exchange for $5.5 million to build a transfer station or neededparks.

TheClark County Commission often decides unanimously in favor of SilverState and did no differently last month when the company agreed topay $36 million to clean up Sunrise Mountain landfill in return for aprolonged contract.

WhileCity Council members are mulling over potential conflicts of interestbefore Monday's vote, commissioners with Silver State ties saw noproblem with voting.

CommissionerErin Kenny co-hosts annual Christmas parties with longtime friend andSilver State lobbyist John Pappageorge but has voted in favor of feehikes and transfer stations without disclosing their relationship.