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'Tis a nasty web we weave. Oram's ability to act as a magnet forpolitical corruption without sufferingconsequence is given by numerous events inthe public domain that haven't before been connected. The followingdescribes the Erin Kenny story (indictedfor taking bribes not only from Galardi, but also $200,00 from TripleFive, a home from Jim Rhodes and who knows what). The story startswith Erin Kenny, but like usual becomes a complicated trail withOram's fingerprints and leads to Mark James (as described above),Republic, Rhodes, Triple Five and of course Michael Galardi. Ironically, the relative innocent in this story isGalardi, who was playing for chump change compared to the otherplayers.

ErinKenny got her start after Republic Silver State lobbyist JohnPappageorge clashed with former Clark County commissioner DonSchlesinger over Pappageorge's spendinghabits in the early 1990s and he sought Kenny to oust Schlesinger. Hethen assisted Kenny during her 1994 bid, though Kent Oram actedas her campaign manager. In the typical dirty pool used by Oram,there was an unsigned mailer which attempted to outSchlesinger as gay, which rumor traced through one of the OIZsecretaries.. From an October 1998 Review Journalarticle recounting similarly disgusting tactics in the 1994 campaign:

Harneysaid the ad is a smear attempt similar to one Kenny is accused ofusing in 1994 on then-County

CommissionerDon Schlesinger one week before her Democratic primary victory. Ananonymous letter that week

allegedSchlesinger was gay. The letter was never proven to have beencirculated by Kenny.

"Thisparticular mail piece is consistent with the mode of advertising theKenny campaign chooses to do just before an election," saidSchlesinger, who said he is not gay.

Theletter was never proven to have been circulated by Kenny” ???? Of course not, it's just that campaign after campaign in whichOram and Paladin Advertising are involved, there is always a lastminute anonymous mailer, like Clockwork Orange, a recurring nightmarefor candidates who get smeared. Note that 1994 is the year PaladinAdvertising opened their offices in the shared headquarters with OIZAdvertising and right away we see a letter from nowhere.

Aswe show ad nauseum, last minute anonymous campaign letters are anOram calling card and a specialty of Paladin Advertising,who sometimes were even caught red handedly as with the mailer theyforged to be from the Republican Elephant's club (see PaladinAdvertising above and the Michael MacDonald campaign).

Justas you think trying to out someone as gay isn't low enough as apolitical tactic, or .forging letters from the Republican BigElephant Club to say Steve Miller was using handicapped workers fromOpportunity Village to staff Miller's campaign against MichaelMacDonald, you are always surprised just how revolting Oram couldget, especially in cahoots with the queen of sleaeze Erin Kenny. From a Wednesday, October 28, 1998 Review Journal article:

Campaignmailer gets very graphic

Anew campaign mailer that displays graphic photos of a severelyinjured Nevada Highway Patrol trooper has offended some southwest LasVegas residents and outraged the Clark County Commission challengerit targets.

Butthe incumbent, Erin Kenny, said she sees nothing wrong with themailer even if "it's not something I would let my kids look at."

Theflier, sent out by the police union this weekend, attacks Republicancandidate Steve Harney and informs voters about a federal lawsuitfiled against Harney and others by the injured man, Ken Gager.

Gageris shown in one picture with a mangled face and an empty eye socket,and in another shirtless with gashes across his chest from a 1993mail bomb.

Thetrooper filed the lawsuit in July alleging Harney, as president ofthe troopers' union in 1996, conspired with Highway Patroladministration to have him demoted or fired because he wasquestioning the use of union funds.

Gager,who did not return a call for comment Tuesday, has seen no change inhis duties since he returned to work in a desk job one year after theblast. Harney has denied he ever tried to harm Gager's job status andsaid Gager lost two other civil lawsuits related to the bombing.

Kenny-- who has raised a record-shattering $995,177 and will likely becomethe first $1 million commission

candidate-- insisted her campaign had no hand in the mailer. Yet she used theGager matter in a radio ad -- before the union did -- and has pointedto it in recent weeks as a cause for Harney's failure to win a secondterm as union president.

Someresidents said Tuesday they associate the flier with her campaigneven though the police union has taken responsibility.

"I'venever seen anything like this in the mail," complained JeannineFusco, 35, a registered Democrat.

"Youcould have little children going out to get the mail for mommy anddaddy and come back in with this."

HighwayPatrol Chief Michael Hood called the flier "disgusting" andsaid it "saddens me that political campaigns have digressed tothis point." Hood also is a defendant in the lawsuit, which hesaid is frivolous.

Harneysaid the ad is a smear attempt similar to one Kenny is accused ofusing in 1994 on then-County Commissioner Don Schlesinger one weekbefore her Democratic primary victory. An anonymous letter that weekalleged Schlesinger was gay. The letter was never proven to have beencirculated by Kenny.

"Thisparticular mail piece is consistent with the mode of advertising theKenny campaign chooses to do

justbefore an election," said Schlesinger, who said he is not gay."It makes it seem like somehow Steve Harney is responsible foran officer being brutally attacked."

PoliceProtective Association President Andy Anderson was unavailable forcomment Tuesday.

Afterthe one-eyeball-mailer, Erin Kenny went on to even greater honors,taking $200,000 bribes from Triple Five Developer in a Bermuda Bankaccount, taking money from Michael Galardi of Cheetahs, getting ahome from developer Jim Rhodes, introducing Lance Malone to KentOram. While everyone involved in these scandals has dirt on theirhands, Erin Kenny seemed to have nothing to offer except a bag ofdirty tricks.

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Bribery Trial Recap

WITNESS: Former Clark County Commissioner Erin Kenny KENNY, memory hazy, IMPLICATES OTHERS

Kenny dropped a bombshell in court when she testified she not only accepted cash bribes from Galardi, but also Triple Five Development and its owner Eskander Ghermezian. She said she received $3,000 a month from Ghermezian between late 1999 and May 2003, when she was indicted in connection with the Galardi case. She said she also received a $200,000 payment after she voted in favor of zone changes that allowed a CVS Pharmacy. She said the money came from developer Don Davidson, but it was his son, Larry Davidson, who created an offshore account for the payment.

After being defeated for lieutenant governor, she hadlost her claim to power, and what was a poor girl to do? We find outfrom the Thursday, August 07, 2003 Review Journal:

Ethicspanel spells out one-year no-lobby period

Proposalfollows ex-commissioner's controversial efforts for developer

A"hard-and-fast" cooling-off period would bar elected countyofficials and county managers from lobbying for one year under aproposal Wednesday by a county ethics advisory panel. Former ClarkCounty Commissioner Erin Kenny sparked controversy earlier this yearwith her lobbying activities after she left office. She interpretedthe county's existing one-year prohibition to apply only to itemsthat had come before her when she was a commissioner. After she leftoffice in January, she became a consultant to developer Jim Rhodesand lobbied county officials on his behalf.

Rhodeswas pushing for a zone change on land he bought at the Hardie GypsumMine, near Red Rock Canyon. Issues related the mine appeared beforethe board four times in the last four months of Kenny's tenure. County Manager Thom Reilly told the Clark County Ethics Task Force heand County Counsel Mary-Anne Miller disagreed with Kenny'sinterpretation that she was not restricted from lobbying on Rhodes'behalf because he did not yet own the land when she voted on issuesinvolving the property.

Afterall the dots we've connected, this certainly puts the nail in thecoffin lid as to whether Kenny was an innocent target, or whetherwith her buddies Oram, Malone, James, Pappageorge, Reid, et. al. She wasjust a cheap shakedown grifter all along.